Off-Label, Oft Trouble…

Older patients may not respond when they’re giving antipsychotic drugs for off-label treatments, the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry (via MedPage Today) is reporting: “In a randomized trial, there was a lack of significant improvement in psychopathology and a high cumulative incidence of metabolic syndrome (36.5 percent in one year) and of serious and nonserious adverse events (23.7 percent and 50.5 percent, respectively),” the study found. “The median time to discontinuation for any of the four main atypical [use of] antipsychotics was 26 weeks,” the study found.

This likely will play well around American Health Care Association headquarters. AHCA has made clear that long term care quality depends in a big way on cutting down on the use of antipsychotics.

In other news, running is not good (well, duh); Philly Daily News columnist Harry Gross is telling his readers to take a look at long term care insurance; and industry nemesis Russ Balisok is now attacking long term care’s business models.

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