A Polling We Have Gone…

Good morning, ProviderNation.

A prohibitive majority of voters oppose the automatic cuts to nursing homes’ Medicare payments, according to a poll that’s scheduled to be released in a couple of hours.

Some 806 registered voters took a poll conducted by Opinion Access and paid for by the American Health Care Association in November. Asked to rate which statement “comes closest to your reaction” about the $700 million in Medicare cuts scheduled for the end of the year, 46 percent marked, “The government shouldn’t make this cut and, in fact, should provide more money to nursing homes to care for the aging baby boom generation.”

Another 41 percent marked the statement, “The government should not make this cut; the industry has been cut too much already.”

A scant 14 percent agreed with the statement, “The government should make this cut to nursing homes, the industry can afford to absorb them and keep running.”

Asked what they thought about the statement, “Nursing homes in this country are facing a crisis because the government is cutting funds,” 48 percent of respondents clicked “somewhat agree.” Another 36 percent said that they “strongly agreed.”

We’ll have more details on our website shortly, but expect to hear more about this poll in the days ahead. Congress and the president don’t seem anywhere closer to a deal to avoid going off the fiscal cliff, and long term advocates are really nervous about the proposed sequestration.

UPDATE, 3:36 p.m.: Our scintillating write-up of the poll is here.

But keep your eye on your other data point from the poll: Sixty-five percent of voters said they would be less likely to vote for a lawmaker if he/she cut Medicare payments to nursing homes.

You can be sure that figure will come up in lobbying meetings. A lot.

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