Cliff Diving

Bill Myers

Bill Myers, senior editor

Good morning, ProviderNation.

I had a very insightful chat with some of our tribal elders over the weekend. They’re saying that all this talk about a deal on the fiscal cliff is, um, poppycock. Here’s what’s happening: Barack Obama and the Democrats won big nationally (sorry, Karl). But those House Republicans who kept their seats did so by wide margins (largely thanks to a little help from the 2010 redistricting).

The Dems, for their part, aren’t keen on cutting spending because they like the look of the electoral map.

If the fiscal “cliff” comes and goes, however, there will be huge tax increases and massive spending cuts. And no one will have to vote for them. The next Congress can come back in a few weeks and “fix” the worst of it (or spend a lot of time, and raise a lot of money, fighting over it), and each party can go back into their districts and mount a heroic defense of The Republic and Our Principles.


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