Flying High Now…

Good morning, ProviderNation.

Merry New Year and all that.

In case you missed it, enough House Republicans swallowed their misgivings last night to sign off on a compromise “fiscal cliff” deal. This will spare many of us from a big pain in the paycheck. (And it may mean we never have to say “fiscal cliff” again.)

The deal also resets the clock on automatic cuts for another two months, so C-SPAN groupies will still have something to look forward to.

The vote also ought to wipe those smug grins off the faces of those wised-up pundits who assured you that House Republicans would never, ever agree to a deal before the deadline. (Don’t know why you still listen to those types…)

AHCA President & CEO Gov. Mark Parkinson sent out a memo to his staff on New Year’s Day, saying that—taking all for all—the deal isn’t too shabby for industry. Still, that sequester reset looms, and there are debt ceiling things and other stuff, so advocates shouldn’t put those Bill Conti 8-tracks away just yet.

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