The Medicare Obelisk…

Good morning, ProviderNation.

Apparently, President Obama had some thoughts on things last night. You can get your generic responses (measured and unmeasured) around the Interwebs.

But providers are going to have to spend a lot of time deciphering four paragraphs in a 13-page speech. The president managed to be specific enough, but vague enough, to make providers wonder if an obelisk just landed in their camp.

Whatever the president has in mind, it’ll mean the providers (and their lobbyists) will have a little work to do.  AHCA President & CEO Gov. Mark Parkinson said that the president’s speech is a harbinger of “a difficult legislative session” to come.

“Even though our profession did not hear specifics on how the administration proposes to fix the long-term financial woes of Medicare and Medicaid, we are ready with our own,” Parkinson said. “We are ready with solutions whose first prescription is not further cuts, but rather structural changes that benefit both the taxpayer and our nation’s frail elderly.

“Our message tonight is as simple and as powerful as President Obama’s:  Reform is necessary. We are equal to the task, and eager to participate in discussions of real and lasting reforms of these critical programs.”

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