Dance Macabre…

Good morning, ProviderNation.

The House Way & Means Committee will meet in a few minutes to talk Medicare overhaul. When politicians mention “bipartisan” and “reform” in the same sentence, you should be afraid. Be very afraid.

Awaiting word on how long term care folks fared in the most recent awfulness out of Oklahoma. Speaking of Oklahoma, though, the state recently passed a law that allows nursing home residents to install remote-monitoring devices in their rooms as long as they pay for it.

Finally, news from the great ballroom of the Alzheimer’s Totentanz: British researchers believe they’ve found the molecular culprit behind dementia. Your fugitive’s name is oligomer.

“There are no disease-modifying therapies for Alzheimer’s and dementia at the moment, only limited treatment for symptoms,” says lead author Tuomas Knowles. “We have to solve what happens at the molecular level before we can progress and have real impact. We’ve now established the pathway that shows how the toxic species that causes cell death, the oligomers, are formed. This is the key pathway to detect, target, and intervene—the molecular catalyst that underlies the pathology.”

Baby steps, for sure. But as our Sufi brethren like to say, “Whoever walks one step toward the grace of Allah, the Divine mercy walks forward 10 steps to receive him.”


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