The Hits Keep A’Comin’…

Good morning, ProviderNation.

It looks like Alzheimer’s has done stolen another march on us. Last year, Science published a piece on an anti-cancer drug called bexarotene. The drug had reduced those vile beta amyloid plaques in mice by up to half.

Now, though, there are “serious problems” with the study, U.S. News is saying.

“I think many of us were floored by the results but wanted confirmation. As academics, we try to study things we think are really important, and this result was very important,” University of Chicago neuroscientist Sangram Sisodia tells U.S. News. “But the results were not to be so.”

Sisodia and researchers scattered around the globe tried to replicate the results of the initial study. They came up with… bubkis.

“Something happened in that initial report – either something technically or otherwise, which we can’t put our hands on at this point in time,” Sisodia says. “Something is seriously wrong.”

In one way, it’s not “new” that Alzheimer’s is a real S.O.B. But Australian academic Megan-Jane Johnstone has taken things a step further. She says that the mounting despair has made it “a soft target in the euthanasia debate…”

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