Manning Up…

Good morning, ProviderNation.

So, how was your evening?

Mine was okay.

In other news, men are doing their share in providing care to family members, a new Genworth Financial study has found. About 48 percent of caregivers were male, Genworth says.

The average caregiver is 49 years old and earns $67,900 per year. Nearly three-fifths of these folks are taking care of a parent, and 44 percent of the caregivers spend three or more years on the job.

Genworth spokeswoman Wendy Boglioli says the stats are “concerning” because “people who are often providing the care are at life stages where they also need to start thinking about their own care plans.”

Across the pond, their Lordships are considering a bill that would lower patients’ caps on long term care, but also requires local authorities to “provide financial information and make advice available.”

A new study on women’s hormone replacement therapy came up a big meh.

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