New Rules, Future Costs…

Good morning, ProviderNation.

The fine folks at CMS have issued final rules guiding hospice agreements for skilled nursing centers.

According to AHCA’s own regulatory services guru Lyn Bentley, “the rule primarily focuses on the information that must be contained in an agreement for hospice services between a hospice and nursing center.”

The rule takes effect Aug. 26.

In other news, the costs of long term care are about to go wild and crazy, the fine folks at the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) are saying in a new analysis.

Currently, long term care accounts for about 1.3 percent of the country’s gross domestic product. By 2050, it could account for 3.3 percent of the GDP,  CBO says (ASAP).

“Projections of LTSS [long-term services and support] expenditures,”  CBO says, clearing its throat, “are subject to considerable uncertainty. In addition to estimates of the prevalence of functional limitations, they require judgments about future innovations in the delivery of care, changes in the use of services, and future rates of growth in the costs of labor and other inputs to long term care.”

The report might not be all that shocking to seasoned veterans such as our readers, but it’s chock full of graphs and scientific stuff.

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