Obamacare: Coming Eventually…

Good morning, ProviderNation.

President Obama seems to want health care reform in the way that St. Augustine wanted the gifts of chastity and continence: grant them to me, O Lord—but not yet.

Last night, the prez pushed the “pause” button on the employer mandate in his health reform laws. Now, bosses won’t have to give health care benefits until 2015. Team Obama claims the delay is the result of careful listening to business types, but many in Washington are speculating (D.C.’s greatest indoor sport!) that the prez may have been listening to the polls and job number reports.

To put things at their most cynical, some appear to be worried that hiring will fall off if the law takes effect in 2014, as scheduled. That, in turn, might affect voters’ desire to hire Democrats in the mid-term elections.

In any case, it’s reopened questions about whether Obamacare is a dead letter. It has given (at least some) breathing space to business folks, and it means that Democrats have to go into the third straight election to defend Obamacare. (Some might have a word or two with the president on that…)

By the by, happy anniversary

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