Ich Bin Ein Louisviller…

Good afternoon, ProviderNation.

It’s notorious that Medicaid can be a little, um, conservative with its money. Now, the fine folks at AARP are saying that the supplemental services around long term care—the non-Medicaid stuff—needs some help. Like, now.

“The decision by so many states to transform their Medicaid [long term care] systems from fee-for-service to managed care ranks as the most significant byproduct of The Great Recession,” says AARP’s Martha Roherty in a news release. “But our report documents that other vital programs for seniors, reliant entirely on state revenues, still languish six years after the recession began. As their economies improve, states now must turn their attention to other state programs like Adult Protective Services, still struggling with reduced or flat funding, hiring freezes and staff reductions.”

Meanwhile, it’s all happening in Louisville. The local business journal says that companies such as Humana, ResCare, Trilogy Health Services, and Cisco Systems are sending their Big Shots for what they’re calling the “Louisville Innovation Summit: America’s New Frontier in Aging.”

“The idea for the conference,” Business First’s David Mann says, “was born out of a CEO roundtable that took place in Louisville more than a year ago,” said Kelly Armstrong, economic development director overseeing the lifelong wellness and aging care cluster for Greater Louisville, Inc., the metro chamber of commerce. GLI is a supporting partner in the conference.

“Armstrong said in an interview that the conference was a logical step for Louisville, as economic leaders seek to further build on the city’s long term care industry presence. As Business First has reported, local leaders have been pushing for increased collaboration in the long term care industry.”

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