Holding Out for a Hero…

Good morning, ProviderNation.

The Department of Health and Human Services’ Inspector General is urging the Obama administration to count observation stays toward Medicare patients’ skilled nursing benefits. In a new report released today (and props to the folks at Kaiser for getting an advanced copy), the IG says that there isn’t a lot of rhyme or reason to the observation stay system.

Tuesday’s report won’t be much  news to long term care advocates, but it’s a big deal because it’s a federal watchdog agency adopting advocates’ long-standing recommendations. Stay tuned…

Meanwhile,  the fine folks at National Center for Assisted Living need a hero. NCAL is kicking off its “Quality Initiative Recognition Program” for members who are getting it done.

Members have to meet one or more of four goals to be recognized in New Orleans next year:

  • Cut readmissions by 15 percent;
  • Keep turnover below 30 percent;
  • Score at least 90 percent on customer satisfaction surveys; and
  • Cut off-label antipsychotics by 15 percent…

In other news, an awful story from the Chicago suburbs: a 95-year-old nursing home resident died after being tasered by police.

And, Slate’s inestimable David Weigel says that conservative Republicans’ fixation with Obamacare may mean there is no “grand bargain” over entitlement cuts this fall. You’ll recall that AHCA leader Mark Parkinson predicted that there might be some more brinksmanship this fall…

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