Not Your Father’s Nudists…

Good morning, ProviderNation.

Long term care insurers are due for some bill shock, the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance says. Claims payments are expected to (more than) double over the next 10 years, from $6.6 billion last year to more than $15 billion next decade, and then (more than quadruple) by 2032.

“By 2032 insurers are expected to pay $34 billion-a-year in benefits—a  415 percent increase,” association Executive Director Jesse Slome says.  “The quadrupling in benefit payments is the result of aging of policyholders, policy value increases and the continued growth of individuals purchasing protection.”

Last year set a record for long term care insurance claims, Slome says. Get used to setting records…

In other news, Cambridge University researchers say that women who breast-fed were 64 percent less likely to develop dementia. The study interviewed 81 women and their families, so the sample size is small, but researchers speculate that breast-feeding causes the mother’s body to get rid of progesterone. “Progesterone has been known to limit the brain’s estrogen receptors—the anti-inflammatory hormone estrogen has been shown to protect the brain against Alzheimer’s,” CBS News says.

And the Silver Tsunami is taking a terrible toll on nudists, apparently…

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