PET Sounds…

Good morning, ProviderNation.

Some patients’ rights groups and docs are pushing to have CMS pay for brain scans to check for Alzheimer’s.

“The PET scans, which cost about $3,000-$5,000 apiece, have proved useful for research, and neurologists are eager to have access to them, but a recent government review raised questions about their effectiveness at detecting dementia,” USA Today says in its write-up. It’s got one doc saying that evidence for the scans’ effectiveness “is among the weakest I have seen,” while other docs are saying knowledge is power.

Elsewhere, Long Term Care Commission Chairman Bruce Chernof says that polling shows all is not lost.

“However, there is promise for innovative approaches to solving these issues: Americans across the political spectrum show majority support for public policy solutions to transform the nation’s system of long term care,” he writes in an op-ed. “More than three-quarters of Americans support tax breaks to encourage saving for long term care expenses; just over half support a government-administered long term care insurance program similar to Medicare.”

And, Connecticut has space to rent, apparently.

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