Doc Fixins…

Good morning, ProviderNation.

Had a chat with some of My New, Favorite Lobbyists. They’re saying that it’s highly unlikely that Congress will come up with a permanent solution to the vexing “Doc Fix,” this year or even next.

The problem is, Congress can’t even agree on legislation that has already been passed (or something). And now, the super-committee has just a few remaining weeks of the congressional year to fix a problem that has bedeviled legislators for at least a decade? One of MNFLs says that the chances are “slim to negative” of that happening.

That’s good news for providers, at least, because it’s unlikely that they’ll be bled to save the doctors this year. But no one doubts that it will be back.

In other news, researchers say they’ve found a correlation between sleeplessness and Alzheimer’s disease. The fine folks at the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance say they’ve come up with a handy-dandy guide for all you loyal consumers out there. And providers here in the nation’s capital are making strides in quality care, the George Washington University says in a new study.

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