The Devil’s Due…

Good morning, ProviderNation.

The fine folks at CMS will take up the far-famed Jimmo case this Thursday. You’ll recall that, earlier this year, CMS settled a federal lawsuit in Vermont brought by elderly advocates who said that the feds were violating patients’ rights by denying needed care just because they couldn’t demonstrate the care would improve their condition.

It’s not clear what CMS types will say on the case, but the settlement requires officials to clarify a lot about what care qualifies for reimbursement (among other things). The redoubtable Elise Smith of AHCA fame will be monitoring developments, but those who are curious can tune in themselves.

The call begins at 2 p.m. Eastern time (and folks are gently urged to call in 15 minutes beforehand). The number is (800) 837-1935 and the password is 14947458.

In other news, Inside Health Policy is predicting that the post-acute care sector is due to pay the piper. The piece is subscription-only, but the thinking (apparently) is that post-acute has had a good couple of decades of growth, (allegedly) has thicker profit margins and—since hospitals mostly paid in the most recent round of “doc fix”—it’s post-acute care’s turn to pay up.

“A patch would likely cost just under $20 billion over 10 years,” Inside’s John Wilkerson says, “and replacing it is expected to cost in the neighborhood of $150 billion.”

So, Happy Bleepin’ Holidays and all that.

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