AMDA Commanded, And It Stood Fast…

JAMA says the heart risks of anti-pneumonia drug azithromycin are worth it.

AMDA has scored a clean sweep with its recommendations for pain management.

Good morning, ProviderNation. Let’s go to press.

The fine folks at AMDA (formerly known as the American Medical Directors Association) have gotten themselves a clean sweep: AMDA submitted 22 suggested pain management guidelines for long term and post-acute caregivers to the National Quality Measures Clearinghouse and, well, AMDA spake, and it was done. AMDA is taking a victory lap, of course, but they think it may well be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

“This is one of AMDA’s first steps in defining quality in the post-acute and long term care setting,” AMDA quality honcho Matthew Wayne says. “Our Quality Committee will now look to translate these implementation measures, where applicable, into physician quality measures.”

Meanwhile, researchers in Leeds, the United Kingdom, are thinking that mice may have the best laid schemes o’ Men (and o’ Women) trying to stave off Alzheimer’s disease. The humble mouse, you see, is “peculiarly resistant” to those beta-amyloid diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Creutzfeld Jackob Diseases. Researchers are hoping that they can learn a thing or two from the rodents about stopping those nasty proteins before they start.

“We have to take a completely different tack: Instead of targeting the cause of the disease, we need to disrupt the plaque-building process,” University of Leeds researcher Sheena Radford says. “We already knew that mice were not prone to the build-up of some of these plaques. This study, for the first time, observed the building happening and saw the differences between the mice proteins and their almost identical human equivalents.”

Finally, we turn to the Centennial State to meet the new boss: The Colorado Health Care Association says it has hired Doug Farmer to be its new president and CEO. Farmer had been the top policy leader at Kansas’ Sunflower Foundation.

Bill Myers is Provider’s senior editor. Email him at Follow him on Twitter, @ProviderMyers.

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