The Danegeld…

A furore normannorum libera nos, domine...

A furore normannorum libera nos, domine…

Good morning, ProviderNation.

Don’t I feel like an international man of mystery? Got a call from the Royal Danish Consulate yesterday. (You can’t believe how disappointed I was to learn it’s really a diplomatic outpost, not a donut shop.) Anyway, it seems that the fine folks of Denmark are eyeing the long term and post-acute care market here in the U.S.

Last month, Copenhagen hosted the Alzheimer’s Association International conference (it’s coming to D.C. next year), and it seems that the Danes are serious about exporting some of their person-centered design ideas (specifically, bathrooms and kitchens for nursing centers and assisted living buildings), according to one of my new best friends over there.

Contrary to what you may have read, the Danes aren’t all a melancholy bunch. But they are serious as Swedes about patientcentered care. Even as its population ages rapidly, the country is already demonstrating new models of care. Apparently, the House of Glücksburg thinks they can export their goods here.

In any case, things are early. But there are already signs that long term care is becoming a global business.

Speaking of paying the Danegeld, hats off to the fine folks at the Saint Paul Health Center near Denver. They passed the hat, through a crowd-funding Web page, to help send resident Nick (and his mom and aides) on a grand bus tour so he could dip his toes in the Pacific Ocean. You can read about the results here, but wow. Seriously, wow.

And while, we’re all feeling good, a hearty mazel tov to the fine folks at Mainstreet. The senior housing developer once again made the top 500 in Inc.’s list of fastest-growing entrepreneurial businesses. “Mainstreet’s No. 347 rank is based on a three-year revenue growth of 1,352 percent and 2013 revenue of $106.3 million,” the company says in a news release. “This is the fourth year Inc. magazine has recognized Mainstreet’s growth.” Bill Myers is Provider’s senior editor. Email him at Follow him on Twitter, @ProviderMyers.

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  1. Interesting article We as a industry should always be looking to partner with our international colleagues on ways to improve quality and outcomes that yield patient centered care
    Rhonda DePaul

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