Don’t Miss The Launch Of Provider’s LED Talks On ProviderTV


In her LED Talk, Ortigara tells the audience caretaking is “not work just anyone can do.”

Francis refuses to take her pills. George rages about how he was moved from his usual dining table. Eleanor screams for help while she is getting a shower.

Just another day in a nursing home? It doesn’t have to be, according to Anna Ortigara in her LED—Lead, Engage, Discover—Talk titled, “Power: Who Has It, Who Doesn’t, And Why It Matters.”

Ortigara’s talk, and eight other 18-minute Provider LED Talks featuring provocative, inspirational topics, are now available online on the video extension, ProviderTV. The LED Talks were held in conjunction with the recent AHCA/NCAL Quality Symposium in Texas.

Regarding caretakers and providers, “this is not work just anyone can do,” says Ortigara, who is an organizational change consultant for the Paraprofessional Health Institute in Bronx, N.Y. She calls for a second phase of the culture change movement, in which management personnel coach caretakers who work and have relationships with residents. “Power is when a person in a relationship … acknowledges the relationship and can make things different.”

In the cases above, Francis’ anger is validated, George is consulted before being moved, and Eleanor chooses when to take her shower.

Want to learn more about how to help yourself and your residents? Then watch one or all nine Talks. You may find something that sparks an idea!

Jackie Oberst is Provider’s managing editor. Email her at Follow her on Twitter, @ProviderMag.

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