Managed Care Is Coming To Get You, Barbara…..

Managed care is coming to get you, Barbara... (Still, from Night of the Living Dead, courtesy Wiki Media Commons.)

(Still, from “Night of the Living Dead,” courtesy Wiki Media Commons.)


Bill Myers

Hello, ProviderNation. The fine folks at CMS have released their annual guide to Medicaid managed care rates. There are few surprises in it (as far as this English major can tell), but what continues to fascinate Your Humble Correspondent is the speed—and silence—with which managed care has steadily risen from its grave and crept up on mainstream health care.

Recall the pitchfork-and-torches that were gathered in the late 1990s, as HMOs were pilloried from the Hill to Hollywood and back again. Now, however, managed care isn’t just a trend—it’s the norm in most states, and it has the warm (and continuing) endorsement of folks like MedPAC.

That doesn’t mean that providers have taken things lying down. Recall that, just a month or so ago, the biggest huzzahs from Provider’s inaugural Ignite panel came when an audience member gave a full-throated “get thee behind me, managed care” speech.

Wicked Pahty…

In happier news, mad props to the good people of the Massachusetts Senior Care Foundation, who recently celebrated their group’s 30th anniversary—and who, oh, by the way, raised another $270,000 for the care of Massachusetts elders and adults with disabilities.

Since 1985, the foundation has handed out more than $2.7 million in 1,500 scholarships to long term care workers, sending them to (or back to) school to continue their educations.

Mark Parkinson, Alice Bonner, and Red Sox legend Luis Tiant were on hand, a reliable source tells me, and a good time was had by all.

NIC In Time…

Speaking of anniversaries and funky good times, the fine folks at NIC are hosting their 25th annual convention right here in the D.C. area this week. They’ll be gathering at National Harbor with the theme, “With Changes, Come Opportunity.”

Your Humble Correspondent will be checking out all the white-hot, analyst-on-analyst action, and maybe even the odd live Tweet. Hope to see you there.

Bill Myers is Provider’s senior editor. Email him at Follow him on Twitter, @ProviderMyers.




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