Ohio Center To Remember Their Favorite Comedienne…

Jordy Watson

Jordy Watson

Bill Myers

Good morning, ProviderNation. If you have thoughts to spare, you might give them over to the staff at Lake Pointe Post-Acute Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in Conneaut, Ohio. On Wednesday, they’ll gather to remember—and to celebrate the memories of—a young woman who meant worlds to them.

Jordan Marie “Jordy” Watson “came to live with us four years ago, when she was 14,” Lake Pointe owner Robin Hillier tells me. “From the moment she first came through the door, she filled us with joy.”

Jordy had spent most of her life on a ventilator, but had no interest in being “special”—at least, not the way people usually mean by that word. Every morning, she rose at 6 a.m. and went to high school. She was crazy about boys and boy bands (Justin Bieber, One Direction, and Sam Smith were her faves), and “the sound of her sweet voice singing in the halls brightened many a gray day,” Hillier recalls.

‘Hey, Did You Hear?’

“She wanted to be a comedienne when she grew up because she loved to make people laugh,” Hillier says. “She was always posting pictures, making silly faces or clips of skits/videos that made her laugh.”

Her classmates must’ve felt the same way: In the fall, they nominated her to be in the homecoming court. “She gets off the bus, and the first thing she says, ‘Hey, hey, hey, did you hear?’” Lake Pointe executive Jeff Galbraith told the local Fox affiliate. “She’s just a phenomenal person.”

A couple of weeks ago, Jordy went to the homecoming game. She was named queen.

‘Our Lives Were Blessed’

After she got back that evening, though, Jordy stopped breathing. She was rushed to the hospital but never recovered. She was 18.

So staff will gather Wednesday. There will be sorrow, of course: It’ll be hard without Jordy.

But there will be the laughter of remembering, too. And, most of all, there will be gratitude.

“Our lives were blessed beyond measure because we had the honor to know her,” Hillier says. “She taught us all how to live life with grace and optimism.”

Bill Myers is Provider’s senior editor. Email him wmyers@providermagazine.com. Follow him on Twitter, @ProviderMyers.

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One response to “Ohio Center To Remember Their Favorite Comedienne…

  1. Mary Speight

    Thank you for sharing such a sweet article on a beautiful girl inside and out! She is going to be missed by all who knew her! Jordan filled my Aunt Michelle’s lie with immeasurable love and joy! She brought smiles and laughter to everyone! Her Texas family misses her!

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