Another Merry Festivus For Provider Advocates…

AHCA/NCAL's Clif Porter: The harder he and his team work, the luckier they seem to get...

AHCA/NCAL’s Clif Porter: The harder he and his team work, the luckier they seem to get…

Bill Myers

Washington, DC—Good morning, ProviderNation. Hope your Festivus shopping is going well. Speaking of feats of strength, though, how about them provider advocates who—despite last months’ mad, budget scramble on Capitol Hill—have once again kept their sector safe from harm.

“The tensest moments in our shop come in those last-minute, political melees,” AHCA/NCAL gunslinger Clif Porter tells me. “It can feel like being a fireman whose own station is on fire.”

It may feel that way, but it certainly doesn’t look that way from the outside. (What was the mark of a Balliol College, Oxford gent? Effortless superiority?) After all, this year, provider advocates have been able to:

For Porter and the gang, it’s a simple matter of fortes fortunas adiuvat.

“Look,” he says, “we’ve worked hard to develop the kind of constructive relationships with Congress and their staffs so that people on the Hill understand that we can be their first phone call, and not their last.”

So gather round the Festivus pole, ProviderNation, but leave Lobbyist-American types off your disappointment list.

Bill Myers is Provider’s senior editor. Email him at Follow him on Twitter, @ProviderMyers.


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